venerdì 14 maggio 2010

things i should learn from my cat

1- petting is good. try to get as much as possible, whenever possible.

2- feign ignorance, naiveness and misunderstanding, if convenient.

3- be sure to have a warm spot and a bowlful of food. everything else is trivial.

4- an afternoon spent looking at the world from a vantage point, ain't a bad afternoon.

5- best thing to do on a spring morning is basking in the brightest pool of sun.

6- act cute and you will be forgiven of everything. even murder.

7- be wary of huge things emitting loud noise. motorhead make an exception.

8- never be angry with anyone for more than half a day.

9- go totally crazy at random and do the weirdest things for no specific reason.

10 - nap. a lot. wherever and whenever possible.

11- always act as the diva. even more when in the worst conditions.

12- indifference is the best way to get attentions.

13- at right times, some catnip gets you in the correct mood.

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