lunedì 26 aprile 2010

PhD morning - old story, new pattern

the many small misadventures that littered my PhD c(o)urse culminated in a huge snowfall during the night of 29th of december, the day i had to print and hopefully submit my thesis.

i remember lying in bed, watching large snowflakes shadow the orange streetlamps, out of my window. it was a gorgeous sight, and i kept on thinking that not even the idea of having to print and submit a thesis the next day, with Firenze totally paralyzed under the snow, was able to spoil it. yet, how the hell would i have done?

next day the snowfall had stopped. at least. i woke up very early and went to the uni on foot, since buses weren't working.

the sky was pale blue and paler pink and the uni campus, covered in pristine, virgin snow, sparkled under the rising sun. no one was around, no car to be heard and i just felt so grateful for being there. hadn't it been for the thesis submission, that this lovely yet apocalyptic scenario (at least for Firenze climate) was about to prevent, i would't ever had witnessed it. i didn't fail to appreciate the deep irony of it all, despite my very cold feet and some increasing sense of impending doom.

then it all went in a roll. a friend of mine was able to drive his battered panda to the uni and took us: an indian friend and me, to the binder shop where i left the prints. we had breakfast - a second one like the hobbits - while that blessed man bound the many copies of my thesis. in the meantime the snow had started to melt. seldom it lasts more than some hours in Firenze, past winter being a great exception.

by noon i was submitting darn thesis.
and most of the snow was gone.

this happened some years ago. an epic day.

when i first had this beret finished, all the memories of thesis morning came afloat in my mind. my ears would have been warmer, on that icy morning, had i had this toasty one with me.

so why am i posting this now? i didn't finish the beret today - actually enjoyed it for most of the winter. but i just finished to write the pattern. in italian after mil pleads ;P
it is written in italian, for any aran weight yarn.

find it on rav!

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