martedì 21 febbraio 2012

a gondola for a venetian girl

Not quite venetian and not quite a girl anymore =)

This is a belated Christmas present from a dearest girlfriend . Not only she remembered my lemming, she was also able to find it, and being Gondola a 2009 release, it wasn't an easy task. =) I love her.
It slipped out of the package, so I received it last week instead of Xmas. Yay for presents in February =)

Now, the picture is quite dark, but I took it on an overcast day, so the pretty shimmer ain't quite visible.

The formula is perfect, as I have come to expect from Chanel nailpolishes (Nouvelle Vague being the only exception). Two layers were enough for opacity and it almost applied itself.
With a couple layers of topcoat (Mavadry + Essence Better than gel) I was able to extend its lifetime to three/four days.

So, thankyou bunches Chiarina dearest =)

Little note abt meh:
despite being not much interested in high end makeup brands, I have a sort of obsession with Chanel. This is because my mother, when I was a child, had a lot of Chanel products since my grandma used to work in the distribution of Chanel and Bourjois in Italy.

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  1. Ciao Eli!! Che bello sono felice che ti sia piaciuto!! Ti sta benissimo <3 <3

    1. Grazie tesorino =)
      Avevi un dubbio che mi piacesse?
      E' BELLISSIMO, tu sei un GENIO =)